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b_lims's Journal

Bones Lims
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Bones Lims
Welcome to b_lims,a Last Icon Maker Standing dedicated to the tv series Bones and its cast. If you're a fan of this tv show,join us!
-You must to be a member of the community to participate.
-The icons you make should fit LJ standards ( 100*100 px, .png/.jpg/.gif)
-Your entries should look like this:

-In every challenge you'll have to vote for Lesser quality icons and for better quality ones. The participant who receives the most negative votes will be eliminated. (positive votes make up for the negative votes)
-The given reasons must concern the icon quality. Not personal issues (I hate that color!, etc.)
-Participants must vote
-Besides the People's choice, every week we will have a Mod's choice. Both of them will have an award.
-When we are down to 3 participants, it's time for a final round. That's when the Last Icon Maker Standing will be determined.
-Everyone can earn one more skip by promoting the community.
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